The integration of protector with the garment allows free movement and stabilizes the location of the protection in the necessary area.

No need for stripes, stitches, pockets or scotches to attach the protection to the garment.

In order to achieve an integrated total look, the protection material and the fabric were designed as one.

A large range of color options are available to the customer.

In case of a shield that has different degrees of hardness each layer can be marked by a different color.

The integrated garment is washable and fresh to use at any time, no need for any special treatment.


With comfort and protection first in mind, an ergonomic 3D structure is designed to work in synergy with the body.

By modifying the levels of protection to suit different applications, this human engineered garment can meet any demand and any degree of flexibility suitable for any sport activity.


The level of protection can be modified according to the specific needs and demands of the customer.

The protection material is very flexible and any level of thickness can be provided.

Our accurate technology controls the quality of protection foam starting from 1mm and can go as far as 300 mm.

The shield can be constructed from a soft foam material, a hard shell or a combination of hard shell on top of a soft layer.

These are all integrated to the garment based upon need.